The cheapest one would come at $200 per year. It is not that expensive when you come to think of it especially when you are someone who values health as a priority. Next year, it is expected to rise by an average of 9% and that is not good news at all. You know senior citizens are not fit to work anymore so that is not really a good decision made by whoever made it. However, you know they chose a good retirement plan. It is important to know the difference between a co-pay and co-insurance as co-pay is a fixed amount and co-insurance would depend on the type of drugs you are spending on each day. Co-pay is what everyone prefers nowadays but co-insurance is actually better if it means taking the same type of drugs each day. Ask your doctor if generic drugs are a good substitute with what you are taking. It is possible the doctor is in cahoots with some type of drug brand and you can't blame them for doing that. Senior citizens tend to be prone to sicknesses compared to younger adults so they need to pay more attention to this Plan D Plan or PDP for short. It is a site plan that most people would prefer to change every now and then. Some would want it to stay so it would be less of a hassle for them. It would not be a smart idea for them to do that though.
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